RA Center for Education Projects PIU was founded on October 11, 1996 by No. 298-M order of RA Minister of Education and Science. During this period CEP has implemented two credit projects. Currently ''Education Improvement'' project is in progress.
1. “Education Financing and Management Reform Project”, 1998-2002. Main aim of this project was to ensure financing of general education system and increase in teacher salaries, increase in efficiency of the use of resources, democratization of the system, as well as in-school management improvement, contributing to the improvement of education quality. It consisted of two sub-projects:
• Textbook production and distribution;
• Establishment of logistics of education reform, which in its turn included the components of development of a strategy for education reform and of the training of head staff of the school and components of the implementation of school improvement project.
2. “Education Quality and Relevance” First Project, 2003-2009, the purpose of which was to direct the development of Armenia's educational system to the demands of the knowledge-based economy. The project consisted of four sub-projects:
• Establishment of educational programs, of the curriculum and of a new evaluation system,
• Investment of information and communication technologies in educational system,
• Teachers' Professional Development,
• Improvement of the management of educational system and increase in efficiency.
“Education Quality and Relevance” Second Credit Project, 2009-2014, the purpose of which was to direct development of the Armenian Education System towards the demands of knowledge-based economy through ensuring increase in the quality of General and Tertiary Education that meets the social-economic needs of the society. It consisted of two sub-projects:
• Enhancing the Quality of General Education,
• Supporting Tertiary Education Reforms in the Context of the Bologna Agenda.
Currently ''Education Improvement'' project is in progress, 2014-2019, which has two purposes: further improvement of general education, ensuring readiness of children entering elementary school and improving the physical conditions and the availability of educational resources in high schools and support to higher education institutions ensuring education quality and relevance. This project is based on the results of ''Education Quality and Relevance” first and second projects.


31.05.2018 Establishment of the Center of Excellence in Dental Training has been completed at YSMU In December 2015 implementation of the grant project “Center of Excellence in Dental Training” launched at Yerevan State Medical University within the frameworks of Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF). Today works over the project have already been summarized. On May 14, representatives of CEP PIU visited the Center of Excellence in Dental Training accompanied by grant project coordinator Aram Baykov and the head of the newly established center Margarita Kharatyan, got acquainted... 09.04.2018 Rehabilitation of five high schools is in process The representatives of CEP PIU during the whole rehabilitation period and as well in March visited the RA regions for the purpose of technical monitoring of the quality and temps of rehabilitation works of high schools in the frameworks of Education Improvement Project. The visits were carried out by the representatives of the “Support to the development of the third level of secondary school” subcomponent of PIU - Grigor Baghdasaryan, Narek Poghosyan and Rafael Arzumanyan. The... 05.02.2018 Monitoring Visit to Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas On February 1 a working meeting took place at the Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas (YSC). Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of RA and CEP PIU participated at the meeting. The aim of the meeting was to monitor the current project under the Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF).The participants visited the newly created Innovation Acoustic Laboratory. Establishment of Musical Innovation Laboratory has started from reconstruction works. Particularly, installation of...