The foundation of modern society and the development of education and the establishment of knowledge-based economy are aimed at raising the quality of education. The main purpose of ''Center for Education Projects'' is the implementation of projects aimed at improving quality, relevance, access and effectiveness in RA education sector. Reforms implemented in the education sector are aimed at the establishment of such an educational system whichwill be effective and will meet the expectations and demands of social and economic development. PIU activities being in line with RA Government's economic development strategy, fixed such basic directions, which will make opportunities for the provision of affordable and high quality education services, covering all levels of education, from pre-school to higher education.Currently various support projects are being implemented or are planned, aimed at improving the functioning of the educational sector (development of pre-school education system, modernization of the methodological basis of secondary schools, teacher training, provision of the development of curriculum, standards, reforming of financial management system of higher education - formation of Innovation Competitive Fund etc.) which are aimed at forming an educational system providing services in accordance with the best international standards, at creating equal conditions for learning for all social groups, at the promotion of scientific and research activities. So, the PIU activities include not only general education, as well as certain components of pre-school education and higher education. Increase in the efficiency of reforms in education and science is the most important tool for guaranteeing sustainable development of state, public and individual safety and society.


25.05.2023 Construction works have been launched in Educational Institutions involved in preschool micro-projects Within the first ten days of May in the frames of the "Education Improvement Project Additional Financing" loan project and in the context of the sub-component "Promoting School Readiness and Equal Opportunities at the Start of General Education ", the CEP PIU representatives conducted a working visit to the educational institutions included in the preschool micro-projects of Armavir and Aragasotn regions of RA. The aim of the working visit was to monitor the... 24.04.2023 Grant Agreements for the Establishment of Pre-Schools Within the framework of the " Education Improvement Project " with Additional Financing (EIP AF) loan program the provision of grants for the establishment of preschool institutions is ongoing. The program aims to increase the involvement of children in pre-school education institutions, to prepare children for entering the primary school. During April 1-20 meeting with the directors of educational institutions of Ararat and Gegharqunik regions was held at the Center for... 27.03.2023 The World Bank Education team met online with CEP PIU staff and discussed the ongoing activities in the frames of the "Education Improvement Project Additional Financing" loan program On March 24 the World Bank team consisting of Ms. Shizuka Kunimoto (Sr. Economist, TTL for EIP AF), Ms. Renata Freitas Lemos (Senior Economist) initiated an online meeting with the “Center for Education Projects” PIU project staff. The focus of the meeting was to discuss the implementation updates by each activity component as well as to touch base on activity progress in the frames of EIP AF.. The guests were welcomed by Ms, Armine Khachatryan, the Project Manager of...